Dreamland has won a 2003 NAPPA Gold Award and Children's Music Web Award for Best Lullaby Recording!

"Dreamland" reviews:

This collection of gentle, inspirational, story-like songs features lush arrangements and spotlights Joanie's expressive vocal qualities. It opens with the magical "Never Never Land"which sets the stage for this dreamy and imagination-filled journey. Bartels finds the perfect mix of familiar tunes ("What a Wonderful World" and "Turn Around"), lesser-known songs ("Nature Boy" and "The Moon Is Made Of Gold") and original compositions ("The Land Of Make Believe" and Tomorrow/s A Dream World Away"). And I have to say that her original songs are well written and beautifully arranged and performed. I think her songs stand out among this fine selection of dreamland songs.

Is there a sweeter voice in children's music than Joanie Bartels? Anyone? Bartels' voice has never sounded better than it does on her new release, Dreamland. With a career that began in 1985 - 12 recordings ago - Bartels is truly in it for the long haul and has a love and sincerity that enhance every song. If you ever get a chance to catch her live-peformance, see in person the fun that kids discovered long ago. ...you can never have enough lullabies and Bartels, along with gifted producer/arranger Chris Rhyne, has penned seven new ones, soon to be classics.

...More than a decade after her award-winning debut album, Lullaby Magic, this veteran kids' artist applies her pristine pipes to sleepytime airs that include sweet originals ("Stabright") and well-loved covers ("Never, Never Land").
-Moira McCormick/ FAMILY FUN

PUT ON YOUR DANCING SHOES has won BEST RECORDING FOR YOUNG CHILDREN from The Children's Music Web Awards for 2002. Joanie has also won a Parents' Choice Award and National Parenting Publications Honors for this recording, described as "toe-tappin', hip-hoppin', foot stompin', feel good fun that will get the whole family putting on their dancing shoes."

"Put On Your Dancing Shoes" reviews:

...Put On Your Dancing Shoes is an upbeat, energetic, get-on-the-dance-floor, 12-song-party-down-fun-fest!
- KidzMusic

...Dancing Shoes primary purpose is to get your kids up off the couch - which it most certainly will.
- Family Fun

...Upbeat is the defining word word. Highly recommended for 5-9 year olds and active tweens...
- Pulse!